Sunday, March 29, 2009

Delete Multiple Comments

Comments are very useful in excel. You can use comments to note something about the cell value which may be useful for other users or yourself in future. For example, if a formula result in a cell value is 10,000.00 and you may adjust the value to 10,250.00 manually for some reason it is better to leave a comment there pointing out the same to avoid confusion in future.
It is very easy to put a comment. Go to the cell where you want to put a comment and just press alt+i+m
If there are multiple comments in a worksheet, format the comments are a good idea
Press the edge of the comment box and right clik to open the pop up short cut menu
From the pop up menu click on FORMAT COMMENT, where you can fill the comment with colours or change font colours.
How to delete a comment?
Deleting comment is very easy.
Click on the edge of the comment box and press the delete button on the keyboard.

Delete multiple comments from worksheet
First try to get an idea about goto command
You can find this command under Home, Editing or press (Cntrl+G)
Click on Comments
Press enter
Now all cell that contains comments are selected.
Find clear Uuder HOME, EDITING
Click on clear comments!
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