Monday, April 13, 2009

Filter based on Font or Cell Colour

Auto filter is very useful to find and work with a subset of data in a range of cells or table.
This command is available under DATA menu.
There are several filtering options under this command.
Of course all of these options are equally important but the one I find very interesting is filtering data based on cell / font Color.
From my point of view it is very useful. There are several reasons to Color the cell, font with different Colors.
I normally use green Color to show the completed activities and yellow Color to show the under progress activities in data. In earlier versions of Excel it was not possible to filter the data based on cell Color. Even though, I observed that advanced users of Excel Coloring cells or font with different Colors for different reasons.
Excel 2007 enable you to filter data based on Color! Try to apply this filter option to get maximum output from your data. How to use this command?
1. Select your data
2. Click on Data, Filter
3. Click on the down arrow on the required field / column header
You can see the option filter by Color.
Move the mouse pointer on this option to
Filter by cell Color
Cell by font Color
You can clear the filter later by click on
Clear filter from
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