Saturday, April 4, 2009


Did you ever heared about 'Transpose' command in Excel? You may be very familier with Excel and still don't have any idea about this command!
Transpose is a very useful command for advanced users who are using Pivot table reports.
In pivot table the generated output may be in column wise / row wise. You can change the report from colum to row or row to columm by applying the transpose command. If you are transposing the data from pivot table first copy the data and paste (*paste value) it in some other location. Then apply transpose command.To transpose first copy the data then paste the data in another location using paste special, transpose.This command is available under HOME,CLIP BOARD, PASTE
Note : * You can see the paste value command in this paste special command box.
Generally speaking transpose command can be used to copy the data from colum and paste it in row or copy the data from row and paste it in colum.
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