Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is keyboard shortcut really worthy?

Its a topic yet to be discussed in the web arena. Is there any significance with this topic? In my opinion its truly important to discuss this matter as I have seen so many users get addicted with short cut keys. The basic things to remember for users of short cut keys are to limit the use to some easily accessible key strokes. Why to strain your fingers unnecessarily!

You may be noticed the style factor, which can’t be ignored, that we get while using keyboard short cuts. Window pop ups simultaneously while working and an onlooker may get surprised!

It may be the basic thing to attract a user to keyboard shortcuts.

Here is a list of some user friendly short cut keys in MS Word/Excel.

All Cntrl+ key combinations are coming under ‘USER FRIENDLY’

1. Cntrl+D - Open ‘Font’ Window in word / Paste the content from the adjoining cell (top)

2. Cntrl+P - Print

3. Cntrl+S - Save

4. Cntrl+A – Select entire content

5. Cntrl+B - Bold

6. Cntrl+I - Italic

7. Cntrl+Z – Undo/Redo

8. Cntrl+U – Underline

9. Cntrl+W – Save & close the opened file

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