Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keep your passwords safely in one place

Remembering passwords of so many online accounts like email, bank accounts, trading account, blogger, social networking, Insurance etc. is a main issue among net users. This problem even get worsened since some online accounts suggest to change passwords within a specific period of time otherwise get locked. This deny the option of putting same passwords to all most all accounts even though there are some security risks associated with it.

So what to do? My suggestion is to keep all passwords and user names in a single Excel file and password protect it. So you can refer this file later.

Steps (Using MS Office Excel 2007)

1. Open Excel and type all your user name and passwords in 'sheet1'
2. Remember! Not to put passwords in its real form
3. Remove some common characters/numbers from your all passwords and replace it with '*' mark. This is for additional security.
4. Change the sheet name to 'pw' by double clicking on the sheet tab
5. The next step is to hide the worksheet. Right click on the sheet tab and hide the sheet
6. Then rename sheet2, sheet3 as sheet1, sheet2
7. The next step is to protect the work book
8. You can use shortcut key 'alt T P W' to do this
9. Press Cntrl+S to save the file
10. In the save dialogue box under Tools click on general options and give a password
Then save the file.

You can refer this file whenever required. After opening the file by putting the password given, use keyboard shortcut 'alt T P W' to remove the protection (type the password in the box)
Unhide the worksheet by right click on the sheet tab.
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