Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lock your lost Phone remotely or wipe the data with F-Secure anti-theft

Your lost mobile phone may give you sleepless nights because there is chance of misuse of your phone data by the pickpocket. Your attempt to find the phone may be end up in filing an FIR at the nearby police station and sending a mail to the service provider to stop the number. The service provider asks you many queries like;
your frequent contact number from the stolen phone, address, last recharge value so and so.

At this juncture I think 'F-Secure' anti-theft for mobile is a handy app.

How it works?
When someone steals your phone and changes the sim card the phone locks down automatically and the new number is reported to you by way of SMS which may help you to find the robber.
You can send text message to erase confidential data of your phone, find the location of your phone or lock the phone.

This FREE software supports Android, Windows, Symbian smart phones.
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