Friday, July 9, 2010

Job scammers

Job seekers should wary about job scammers. Nowadays Many companies find talent through on line which give the loophole for scammers. As a precautionary measure I suggest never disclose your confidential data to unknown persons such as full name, bank account details, credit card details, Social Security Number (SSN), driving license, birth date, home address, or any other personal data.

Recently, I have gone through a suspicious 'contract appointment letter' received by one of my colleague. It is on behalf of one of the major oil & gas co. in UK and we suspect it is fake.

The screen shot is from the 'contract appointment letter' received by one of my colleague.

We have came to the above assumption after a thorough Google search about the company which already named in job scam earlier.

Disclaimer : The above article is given for informative purpose only. You can agree or disagree with my views.

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