Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wildcard characters

?,     *,     ~ followed by ? / * (question mark, star, tilde followed by ?/*) are some of the wildcard characters commonly used in office applications.
It can be used as comparison criteria for text filters and when searching and replacing content.

Here I am explaining how *  can be used when searching and replacing contents.

Open an excel worksheet and type ii, iinspired, iins in some cells.
Press Cntrl+F to open the 'find' dialogue box 
Below the 'find' type ii*
(to find all words start with 'ii')
Click on 'replace' and type infoinspired

(It replace the words start with 'ii' to 'infoinspired' in the entire worksheet)

To make the changes in the entire workbook;

Click on options (on right corner of the find box)
Under 'within' change sheet to workbook

Think you have a workbook with more than 1 sheet or the data spread in several rows/columns where you want to change some misspelled words, what to do? You may bewildered!
Here comes the importance of wildcard characters!

Leave a comment for any query regarding the use of wildcard characters
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