Saturday, August 14, 2010

Control Your Android Phone Just by Speaking

Android, developed by Google (based upon the Linux kernel and GNU software) is an operating system for mobile devices.
Now Google introduced new voice action feature for Android. With this feature you can execute certain functions like -

Say "send text to [recipient] [message]*" to send a text message
Say "call [contact name] [phone type]*" to call contacts
Say "map of [address/city]" to view map
Say "note to self [message]" to write a note
Say "listen to [artist/song/album]" to listen music
Say "call [business name] [location]*" to call business
Say "send email to [recipient] [subject]* [body]*" to send email
Say "go to [website] to go to websites
Say "[your query]" to search Google
Say "navigate to [address/city/business name]" to get directions
    Watch this video to get directions for using this feature

    Get voice actions for Android
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