Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get out of a Cave Using the Blue Exit

Diamond Caves 3 is based on the idea of the Amiga game Emerald Mine (by Volker Wertich). The main goal in this game is to get out of a cave using the blue exit. For the exit to open, you have to collect a specific amount of Emeralds. This can be quite tricky because you are not alone in the cave, there are a few different enemies as well as special items such as doors, keys, acid pools, bombs & dynamite and much more...
The game offers several 'Levelgroups', each holds up to 99 caves. The first time you start a Levelgroup (you enter the cave), you only have access to the very first Level. Each time you solve a Level, you get access to the next one (you descend deeper into the cave). And of course there is a High score list for each Level.
Free Trial contains 50 Levels, seperated into two Levelgroups:
The 34 Training Levels are simple Levels to introduce new players to every element of the game
The 16 Emerald Cave Levels are more difficult and tricky.
For every of these 50 Levels there is a "replay file", a pre-recorded solution to the Level. You can watch this "replay-file" to see how the level is solved. You can even record your own progress and watch it later.
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