Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love Remix ! Titanic Ringtone

Few weeks back I have read an article on the 'Sunday Times' titled Therapeutic ringtones for mobile phones create a buzz in Japan written by Leo Lewis, Tokyo.

Here are some excerpts from her article.

“Well . . . I can definitely feel a bit of adrenalin,” says Yukari Sendo, savouring the mobile phone ringtone like a fine wine, “but it really doesn’t make me want to do any housework.”
She flicks through a menu of alternative tunes and settles on one that offers to improve her skin tone through the power of alpha-waves.

It is also heared that people are working on a new tone that will make people fall in love at first sight!!!
I don't know whether you will agree or not. Definitely some ringtones can change your mood.
My Heart Will Go On....  is one of my favorite ringtone. Download a good remix of it and some other ringtones
Titanic - Love Remix
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