Friday, August 13, 2010

Quake Live - A game Ready to Play Inside Your Browser

Quake Live, the newest chapter of the legendary id Software shooter-series, is now ready to be played in a final version, inside your browser.

If you have a look at the game-design and the roleplay, there is definitely a relation between Quake 3 and Quake Live. But this game, which once iniciated a new era in graphical-game-design, is now a browser-game. The time, where you had to install more than 100 megabytes, is now over. Just a fast installation of a tiny browser-plugin makes it now possible to totally get into the shooter.
Quake Live offers you more than 40 different areas like the legendary map "The longest Yard". After a short time you have access to the first frags. A matchmaking-system, takes care that you just fight against equal enemy´s. Everyone who want´s to play more, than the freeware-version offers, can create a premium account for 24 dollars/year. With this premium account you have access to more maps. With the pro account (48 dollars/year) you can set up your own Quake-Live-Server.

Download the game from its source
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