Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some office "how to?" tips

Tips for Microsoft Excel (Any Versions)
Select/Go to all cells with formulas
I am mentioning here only short cut keys keep in mind all versions of Microsoft Excel.
Cntrl+G, Alt+S, Alt+F
To check any cells missing formulas, to format cells containing formulas etc.
Select/Go to all cells with Comments
Use short cut key Cntrl+G, Alt+S, Alt+C
You can use this to delete multiple comments at once
Create/Remove Page Breaks
Manual page breaks are must to look your print out neat
Select Entire Row/Column
Shift+Space Bar - Row
Cntrl+Space Bar - Column
Delete/Insert Selected Row/Column (as above) Immediately
Cntrl+ - to delete
Cntrl+ + to insert
Insert °, © Symbols
Alt+248 for °
Alt+0169 for ©
Use Windows Character Map to insert more symbols and find symbol code
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