Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tweet to Remote Control Your PC Running Windows

TweetMyPC is a little software application for windows. Users can remotely control their PC with tweets (twitter message) from a PC or mobile phone.
Now you can go out with your friend for a Coffee or evening walk while your PC is playing music. You can control your PCs volume by tweeting 'volinc' (to increase the volume), tweeting 'voldec' (to decrease the volume) or you can shutdown your PC also.
Supported Commands for TweetMyPC version 3
Procedure for Installation and usage:
  • Download the latest TweetMyPC by clicking here
  • Run the Setup.msi file to install the software
  • Just follow the instructions and install TweetMyPC
  • You need 2 twitter account for this purpose, Create if you don't have
  • Remember to use strong password and make your tweet private.
Note : Refer this video

  • Then start TweetMyPC by opening the shortcut for the application at your desktop
  • Fill in the needed data and now it is time to press the Save&Hide button to activate TweetMyPC
  • That is it. Now you can send tweets to control your PC.
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