Monday, September 13, 2010

Excel - How to see all formulas of a spread sheet

You can see the formula used in a particular cell by simply double click on the cell. You can also see the formula of the current cell in the formula bar.
If the formula bar is not visible in Excel 2007
Click on the office button->excel options->advanced
Under display make a tick mark against show formula bar
Refer the screen shot above
Do you know how to see all formulas of a spreadsheet at once?
It is very simple.
If you are a keyboard short cut user you might notice that, once or twice, due to some accidental key stroke, I mean you might intend to open the format cell by pressing Ctrl+1 but you pressed some other key instead of 1, your almost completed formatted spreadsheet changed entirely.
This is because of the accidental key stroke of the Acute (`) symbol instead of 1.
By pressing Ctrl+` you can see all the formulas of a spread sheet. In the mean time it changes the column width automatically. Press Ctrl+` again to restore it to the previous state.
Open a spread sheet, create some formulas, press Ctrl+` and see the changes.
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