Thursday, September 16, 2010

Advanced Excel Tips - Free eBook

Here is my first draft of an eBook entitled : Advanced Excel Tips
Topics Covered in this book
  • Create an Index File
  • Start a New Line in Same Cell
  • Go To Command
  • Delete Multiple Comments
  • Subtotal
  • Transpose
  • Convert text to CAPITAL, small, Proper cases
  • Filter based on Font or Cell Color
  • Find Volume of Pipe
  • Convert Earlier Versions of Files to Office 2007
  • Find
  • Wildcard characters
  • Sumproduct Function
  • Convert Currency Amount in a Cell to English Words
  • Manage Large Number of Spread Sheets
  • Some office "how to?" tips
  • Excel - How to see all formulas of a spread sheet
  • Use of Format Cell Custom Option
  • Macro
  • Protect Work Sheets
  • IF, AND, OR worksheet functions
  • New Menu
  • Remove Extra Spaces from Text
  • Open Text Files In Excel
  • Create Name
  • How to use Vlookup & Hlookup?
  • Change Font / Cell Color Automatically
  • Save your valuable time
  • Remove Hyper Links
  • Creating Charts in Excel
  • Combination Charts
  • Secondary Axis
  • Round a number to the nearest number
  • Round a number down

Please share your feedback in the comments section or write to me directly. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it.
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