Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Orbiter 2010-P1 (build 100830)

A free and realistic space flight simulation program for the Windows PC.
  • Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center and rendezvous with the International Space Station.
  • Recreate historic flights with addon spacecraft packages: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Vostok and more.
  • Plan interplanetary slingshots and tour the solar system with futuristic space craft.
  • Design your own rockets, or download addons created by other users.
  • Learn about the concepts of space flight and orbital mechanics by playing and experimenting.
Recent News
  • Support for localized light sources provides added visual effects: spotlights for helping to find your docking target in the night, rocket exhaust lighting up the launchpad.
  • Celestial background images provide new dramatic backdrops for your interplanetary journeys. Orbiter provides background images for various wavelength ranges.
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements, including a redesigned Module activation page.
Download page here
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