Friday, September 24, 2010

Software Giveaway from bloggers - A Myth?

It is noticed that online software giveaways get a boom last couple of months.
There are several sites offer software giveaways to promote their blogs. I am talking about the personal giveaways such as projecting some popular software as offer and for the activation code you have to subscribe that blogger’s blog and leave comment to their particular post. Later the winner will be announced (as they wish!) randomly.

What they get by this promotion?
Several page views and subscribers! By doing this the blogger gets several page views and subscribers thus earn some money. Popular sites can bear the expense of the giveaway thru’ their site's income. But what about others?. Here arise the question of genuinity of the offers.

Who are the takers of giveaways?
Some popular forums and even youtube are the medium to popularize these giveaways. So it reaches thousands and people who see their chance to get their favorite software's full version free of cost lured to this and try their luck.

Recently I have seen a Windows 7 giveaway on one site. Few days after the offer, as they have announced, they published the result. What they did is just announced the name of the winner. They have not disclosed how they have chosen the winner and no further detail citing the time constraint.

I personally believe it is time to adopt some new method to make personal giveaways more reliable.
You can post your suggestion in the comment sections below.
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