Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Download New Opera 10.63

New Opera 10.63 makes your web browsing faster. Everything from loading webpages to opening tabs is optimized to happen almost instantly. You can even speed up browsing on slow connections, with Opera Turbo.
Top Features
Mouse gestures
Perform common browser actions easily with quick movements of your mouse.
Opera Link
Synchronize data of your choice online or across different computers and devices.
Opera Mail
Opera's built-in mail client lets you efficiently manage your email right from within Opera.
Integrated Web search
Search the Web directly from the address field by simply typing in your search term.
Opera Turbo
Speed up browsing on slow connections by compressing webpages before downloading them.
Change the layout of buttons and toolbars, or choose from many beautiful skins.
Handy, extra programs can be added to provide direct access to resources, tools, or games.
Content blocking
Control your view of webpages by easily removing annoying images, animations and content.
Speed Dial
Access your favorite webpages instantly with a single click.
View webpages at a comfortable size with a best-in-class zoom.
Opera Unite
With only a few clicks you can share photos, music, and more – right from your computer.
Sophisticated tabs
See your open webpages easily with visual tabs, or use private tabs to protect your privacy.

What is new in this version?
  • Opera's further-optimized JavaScript engine is over 50% faster than in Opera 10.50.
  • Search suggestions for selected providers help you find results more easily.
  • Enhanced support for advanced web standards such as HTML5 and WebM video is now included.
  • Opera can prompt you to share your location, making geolocation-supporting websites more useful.
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