Monday, October 18, 2010

How fast is your internet connection?

It is very easy to check the speed of your internet connection using McAfee's Speedometer.

How it works?
Test -1
By sending a 150KB file to your computer and recording the amount of time it took for your computer to receive it.
If it took your computer 1.0 seconds or longer to receive the file, then the first test calculation provided your final result.

Test -2
If your computer took less than 1.0 seconds to receive the file, then performed the second test. Based on the first test calculation, you were redirected to another Web page with either 600KB, 1.5MB or 3.0MB of data. The time it took for your computer to download that Web page was then recorded.
(The second test was performed because sending larger amounts of data to your computer would provide more accurate results for your Internet connection speed test.)

i.e. Amount of Data/Time to Download = Your Internet Connection Speed

Now check your internet connection speed HERE
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