Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Read Classics like 'Dracula', 'A Tale of Two Cities' on the go for free

As part of my job I had to stay 1000s of miles away from my home town. When I got leave I used to travel back by train and it would take 2 days to reach home.

Traveling such a long distance without a companion will be very boring. To avoid boring it was my habit to bought some good novels at the train originating station and I preferred D’Novels as I like it very much. I don’t like to sleep like a log in day times especially during travel. Earlier books are available for very cheap and now the situation changed. Before buying a book one has to think twice due to the price hike.

But later I found a solution to my quest to read some classic novels. In my leisure I have downloaded some good classics from some free ebook hosting websites and arranged an ebook reader.

You will surprise to see the long list of classics available for free download. (For all Bram Stoker collections)
(You can find more such sites)

A Christmas Carol,
A Tale of Two Cities,
Aesop’s Fables,
Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland,
Anna Karenina,
The list of classics available for free download continues…

Now a good ebook reader is required. A first time investment (eventhough it is very cheap) will ensure you the freedom to read your favorite classics during your long journey.
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If you don’t have an ebook reader the following site will give you a good idea to buy one.

As an alternative you can use your mobile phone to read ebooks.
Here is a freeware which even enable your Java Compatible devices to read ebook
Link Here
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