Sunday, October 3, 2010

Winpatrol - A terrific free tool to detect attacks and violations of your computing environment

WinPatrol takes snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you to any changes that may occur without your knowledge.
WinPatrol was the pioneer in using a heuristic behavioral approach to detecting attacks and violations of your computing environment.
WinPatrol's easy tabbed interface allows you to explore deep inside your computer without having to be a computer expert.
  • Detect and Review New Auto-Startup Programs
  • Alerted you to New Brower Add-Ons like BHO's and Tool Bars
  • Alerts you to newly installed Window Services
  • Alerts you to creation of Scheduled Tasks
  • Alerts you and Locks Changes to File Type Associations
  • Alerts you to newly registered ActiveX components
  • Alerts you to changes in IE Home and Search pages
  • Alerts you to changes in the Windows HOST File
  • Lets you know if your AutoUpdate or UAC settings change
  • Add/Remove and Review Auto-Startup Programs
  • Automatically Disable Reoccuring Startup Programs
  • Delay Auto-Startup programs for quick bootup
  • Review and Remove unwanted Scheduled Tasks
  • Remove Unwanted Brower Add-Ons like BHO's and Tool Bars
  • Review, Display and Kill Multiple Running Tasks with a single click
  • Review, Stop and Control Window Services
  • Manage and Automatically Remove Unwanted Cookies
  • Review and Edit your Windows HOST File
  • Review and Remove Hidden Files
  • Track Date/Time when programs are first detected on your system
  • Multiple System Report Options
  • Undocumented or HIDDEN Registry Startup Keys Now Available FREE
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